Are you a Trickster?

If you're ready to jump in the chaos of dirt, beer and music that is a festival, feel free to join us.

We are Tricksters

Tricksters is a festivalwear brand for those always on alert, who have chosen to adapt rather than endure.
Where others are overwhelmed with chaos, the Trickster will learn to tame it to make it his safe haven.
Through its playful clothing, Tricksters provides its disciples with a panoply inspired by and made for festival-goers.

Wear Tricksters

Tricksters is there to fulfil your needs as festivalgoers. And here is what makes us who we are...

Tricksters festival jumpsuit womenswear

We dare

Festivals are places of fashion, freedom and fun. That's why our lines are stylish and fashion-forward. Nothing is too audacious for a Trickster to wear.

Tricksters festival sweater becomes skirt

We're practical

With many pockets, breathable fabrics and comfortable designs, Tricksters clothes are created to be the most useful in the specific conditions of a festival.

Tricksters festival kilt cape menswear

We adapt

Each garment includes several zippers, buttons and cords in order to turn into something completely different. Soon, your jumper will become a skirt and your skirt a cape.

Tricksters festival pants socks mudproof

We last

Not only do we offer 100% natural fabrics, but we also propose a timeless aesthetic made out of resistant materials. The environment is what makes outdoor festivals so special.

© Tricksters - smart festivalwear