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Black Friday !!!

Have you heard of Black Friday? It’s this great day (now it’s even been extended to a week) of sales before the actual sales season! For shopkeepers, it’s mainly the time to keep making money in a quiet period. And it makes everyone happy!

Just like more and more ethical and committed brands, Tricksters is not on sale.

But why exactly?

Who knows how sales work?

A shopkeeper brings down the prices of his products as they are about to go bad. In fashion, this « expiry date » is linked to seasons and trends. As you know though, Trickster’s postulate is to create sustainable and timeless clothing. Seasons are more and more alike: you might need a bigger coat in the summer and a bikini in the wintertime. If the textile industry keeps stressing this « hot vs. cold » dichotomy, it is first and foremost to sell twice as more.

Nothing is lost, nothing is created…

If I pay this blouse 10€ instead of 50, the company is selling at a loss, it will soon be bankrupt!

… not really. The highest cost for a multinational business is storage. Just look at your own wardrobe: clothes take up so much space! So, of course, the company « loses » the money you’re saving, but at the same time, it makes up in rent. This allows them to make space in their storage units for the new collection. Incidentally, the biggest store chains end sales season with a big bonfire, burning the rest of the clothes to save up on storage money.

What does this tell us on clothes’ worth?

Since the shopkeeper would rather burn a piece of clothing than store it, one might consider its value as almost null. That small amount is the cost price of the product. And yet, the price you pay, just as hundreds of thousands of other people paid the day before, that does not represent nothing! We need to distinguish the retail price from the cost price. Because, even though the item has little inherent value (cost price), its worth once sold (retail price) is much higher. What changes between the two?


The blouse we were talking about earlier might be worth 2in the storage unit. Thus, when you buy it for 10, the shopkeeper still wins! If you buy it at full price (50), you just make him really happy, as his profit margin is huge, and you’ve been fooled!

What about Tricksters?

Tricksters tries to be as transparent as possible on its production costs and the profit margin of its clothes. The tags detail the price so you can realise what your money is used for.

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The margin at Tricksters is already at its lowest, because our aim is to provide you with affordable clothing. Reducing it would be self-exploitation and a threat to the future of the brand.

Finally, let’s not forget that a piece of clothing, just as any possession, will bring a lot more satisfaction if bought out of desire, pleasure and love at first sight, than « because it was on sale ». After an impulse buy during sales season, you quickly realise that the only thing pushing you to get that item was its low price. Yet, smart shopping also means treating yourself, at the risk of taking the time to save up, compare, try… you’ll see that your enjoyment will only increase!

In short: Tricksters is not going to lower its prices for Black Friday. If you fall for one of our items, buy them when you want to. Cause if you love our clothes today, you’ll still love them tomorrow!




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