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It’s always hard to find the perfect gift for someone. Whether it’s for a Secret Santa or a regular gift exchange, you might have to send it back because of the size, color, shape…

To prevent the environmental damages caused by all the returns, why not give a voucher? This will allow the person you want to please to choose carefully and therefore, find the perfect piece for him-herself ! On our website, you can create your own voucher for the amount of your choice.

Your friends of family want to become more ethical and ecological but don’t know anything about sustainable fashion? This voucher is a great way to show them what it’s about. Not only because Tricksters’ garments are made to last an with eco-friendly fabrics. But also because offering this voucher will probably have the smallest ecological footprint that a Christmas gift can have.

And of course, we’ll still plant trees for everything that is purchased with a voucher.

So, are you ready for an eco-friendly Christmas?🌿🎉☃️


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