Tricksters DNA - a fun, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brand

Tricksters DNA

Discover who we are !

Our core values

What makes us us, and different from any other brand out there...


We offer colourful and transformable clothing for those who dare. Our versatility materialised by zippers everywhere allow you to play with your outfit and stay forever young.


We only work with eco-friendly materials and produce everything in Belgium. Our wages are fair and our transparency policy guarantees that nobody was harmed in the process of making the garments.


We try to always surprise our customers with new and unexpected designs. Our philosophy : there is no point in creating something that already exists. We bold and impertinent, and we're proud of it !

A little bit of history

2018 - Stop acting like an adult and start having fun!

Tricksters is a clothing brand for old young people and young old people who want to be stylish but comfy, regardless of the situation. Eco-friendly, local and sustainable, Tricksters stands out by its impertinence and its pursuit of laughter. Because responsible fashion doesn't need to be boring, each piece - made in limited edition! - will make you want to seize the day.

Our new « amusewear » collection is based on the exquisite corpse game : with 20 basic pieces, you can create more than 800 looks !

2017 - Tricksters was born as a festivalwear brand for those always on alert, who have chosen to adapt rather than endure.

Where others are overwhelmed with chaos, the Trickster will learn to tame it to make it his safe haven. Choosing Tricksters means proudly jumping in a mud puddle every summer with no fear of needing to get rid of your clothes afterwards. If you are ready to do it, you are one of us. We are Tricksters.

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