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Overall | Combinaison


The overall allows each one to vary styles. Closed, it protects from rain, wind and cold. When the temperature rises, it can be opened and rolled around the waist to appear as comfortable shorts.

This garment is compatible with the hood.

Jumpsuit | Combinaison


Color : Kaki-Beige/Raspberry red-beige

The jumpsuit brings both style and comfort. With its zipper located at the crouch, it eases the toilet moment. Waterproof, the jumpsuit can also be opened at the sides if it’s too hot.

This garment is compatible with the hood.

Sweatpants | Pantalon


The jersey pants offers an unrivalled comfort. Its incorporated socks protect from cold and mud. If you remove that part, you get shorts. Natural fabrics protect from heat as well as cold, and the big pockets assure a maximum space for your personal belongings.

Sweater | Pull


This unisex sweater adapts itself to every temperature change. The adjustable neckline and the removable sleeves allow each and every one to wear it according their own style. During sweltering heats, it can also be rolled around the waist.

This garment is compatible with the hood.